Things All Backpackers in Melbourne Should Consider

The experiences backpackers in Melbourne get from touring around the city are unparalleled. However, travelling to Melbourne and other parts of the world requires caution from travellers.

As the new pandemic continues to spread around the world, it has become much harder to travel. Ever since COVID-19 pandemic spread, many nations have imposed travel bans. The reduced flights have even resulted in a major dip in the economy of many countries, especially those that rely mainly on tourism.

If you are trapped somewhere in the world, however, and you are trying to get back to your home country or your job, there are some important things you should know about—like what to pack when travelling during the pandemic. By preparing yourself adequately in these risky times, you can avoid potential health hazards. Let’s start with:

Personal hygiene essentials

It is necessary to have personal hygiene basics during the pandemic. How critical it is to keep your hygiene levels at peak does not necessarily need to be listed every day. But individuals should carry these hygiene levels to a far higher margin during the pandemic. To lower the risk of future contagion, the body’s immune system should function at its optimum level.

You would have fewer chances of contracting a viral infection if you had good personal hygiene habits. This being said, it would be safe to have your hygiene products ready and use them more often than usual, especially if you stay at a hotel backpack in Melbourne.

Clothes and Shoes

During these confusing times, overpackaging for a trip is not something people should do. But then, there are still several individuals that would overpack. With all the extra baggage, it would just make the journey more difficult for you when you carry additional things that you won’t need.

People who travel during the pandemic, such as physicians, government officials, the military, and others, typically go because of their occupation. Non-essential travel is highly discouraged. If you do have to travel, it would be best not to bring unnecessary leisure items.

Hand Sanitisers

Although hand-sanitisers can be considered as personal hygiene products, in normal circumstances, they are not something that everyone carries all the time. Hand sanitisers are one of the safest ways to keep your hands clean and save yourself from infection in the case of a viral pandemic, like Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization’s top advice is that individuals must clean and wash their hands thoroughly any time they can. A hand sanitiser gel is an excellent alternative if you scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds when no soap and water are available. So, make sure that a pocket hand sanitiser and a larger travel bottle are packed together.

It is worth noting that goods such as hand sanitisers can become scarce these days. A lot of time will pass until, after extremely high demand surges, countries manage to stabilise their productivity. That is why it is essential to always bring your hand sanitiser with you from home rather than relying on purchasing one in the country you are visiting.


Nowadays, people cannot imagine leaving their home without a smartphone in their possession. It is even harder to imagine travelling to an unfamiliar place. If you are booking group accommodation in Melbourne without the necessary equipment (e.g., smartphone, laptop, tablet) keeping up with news updates and communication with loved ones may be a challenge for you. Carry your devices to immediately connect with your family and friends.

Is It Safe to Travel While the Virus is Still Lurking Around?

While staying at home lessens your chances of getting infected and spreading the virus, backpackers in Melbourne can still safely travel, provided they follow all health and safety protocols. If you must travel, consider all the things you should pack. In case you are travelling abroad, make sure you bring all the necessary travel documents along with you.

If you need a place to stay, Tramstop 14 is open to all backpackers in Melbourne. When you stay at our humble hostel, you will not have a hard time looking for food because we are just a 10-minute walk away from the centre where restaurants line up. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do to help you when travelling to Melbourne during the pandemic.

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