Tramstop 14: Melbourne’s Choice Hostel for Travellers

​Backpacking to Australia soon? You have plenty of reason to be excited about your Melbourne stop!  

There’s so much to see and experience in Melbourne. You can go on a city tour: check out museums, architecture, street art, and food markets. Or you can also go the nature-trip route: Melbourne offers quite a number of fun day-trip itinerary ideas, from beaches to national parks to botanic gardens.  
No matter how you wish to spend your time in Melbourne, you’re definitely going to have an awesome time. But what all backpackers in Melbourne know is this: what truly makes or breaks a trip is the accommodation. The better your choice of accommodation, the more relaxed you are in your downtime, and you get to start and end your day in a brilliant mood. More than the pictures, the food, and the souvenirs, it’s the whole experience that truly makes a trip count.  
If you’re currently thumbing through accommodation options for your Melbourne trip, check out Tramstop 14, a warm and welcoming hostel for travellers from all over the globe.

What makes Tramstop 14 Backpackers special?

  • It is conveniently located at Brunswick Street

    Not only is Brunswick an accessible starting point for city tours (in terms of walking distance as well as transportation), it’s also home to cafes, live music venues, alternative fashion stores, and more. As soon as you walk down Brunswick for the first time, you’ll notice how incredibly full it is of life and art. Tramstop 14 Backpackers places itself right in the middle of all that culture, to truly give you a local experience.
  • You get stellar accommodation at an affordable price

    Our hostel for travelers offers private or dorm-style fully airconditioned rooms and can accommodate solo or group travelers. Enjoy free WIFI, a kitchen and laundry station, a lounge, and a large-screen TV. You also get your own locker to secure your valuables.
  • Our hostel has a laidback and relaxed vibe

    We contribute to Brunswick’s colourful streetscape with the fantastic art on our hostel’s facade, and we carry that youthful vibe in our indoors as well. Our lounge is hip and inviting, while our rooms are clean and comfortable.

Why choose a hostel for travellers?

  • The atmosphere in a hostel encourages conversation

    The hostel is the perfect place to meet new people, fellow travelers who are also looking to explore Melbourne’s many wonders. Many strong friendships and partnerships have been made in hostels, which is why many backpackers in Melbourne consider hostel living to be an essential part of the whole nomad experience.
  • Hostels feel much cozier than other accommodation types

    A hostel’s easygoing and unintimidating ambience allows you to truly let loose, allowing you to devote more energy to your activities. If you have a full month of trips lined up, you want group accommodation that’s simple yet cool..
  • Hostels are always more affordable

    The hostel option is the best for your budget. Spend less on quality accommodation and you get to spend more on other experiences like your trips, night-outs, and meals. With Melbourne playing host to so many interesting and unique experiences, you want to make the most out of your time in the city.

​Spend your Melbourne trip with us! Tramstop 14 Backpackers awaits your visit

We are always looking forward to meeting new people and hearing many different exciting stories every day. Come and stay at Tramstop 14 Backpackers for your next trip to the land down under.  Contact us now by phone (0418 513 067) or you may also leave us a message via our website’s online enquiry form.