Nomads Backpackers Hostel: The Truth About Staying in a Hostel in Melbourne

Nowadays, nomads backpackers hostel has become every savvy traveller’s first choice. This new breed of accommodation is totally smashing the outdated stereotypes. Hostels showcase trendy decorations, modern technologies, eco-friendly practices and, fun opportunities to socialise and meet new friends – which are really what travelling is all about.

However, opinions about the accommodation stated to mix up and staying in a hostel quickly became unfavourable.

In this article, we have put together the most common misconceptions about hostels. We will try to break down the barrier to help you understand what the industry is really all about.

Hostels are only for young people.

Plenty of people believe that hostels are just a young person’s game. Well, they are wrong!

While hostels were originally marketed to a young European demographic, the purpose has long been antiquated. The thing about hostels today is that their affordability and camaraderie have made them significantly attractive options for older travellers, especially those who are travelling on a budget.

Often, older travellers can be less encumbered. If their kids have left the house and they may be travelling alone, they might have no particular itinerary in their heads. Because of these things, hostel travel is not only an option but a preferable one to the more sterile and drab accommodations offered by luxury hotels.

Hostels are all party, all the time.

Some hostels position themselves as “party hostels.” However, a number of hostels do not encourage partying within their walls. Like any other group accommodation in Melbourne providers, most hostel owners want nothing to do with the chaos, crying, broken furniture, and general unpleasantness from hostels known for partying.

It’s true, the social atmosphere in a hostel is an incredibly large part of what makes the stay fulfilling. But it does not have to involve getting boozy for you to get the most of the experience. In fact, the best backpackers in Melbourne don’t use alcohol as a crutch. They create an atmosphere that leads people to get to know one another, trade stories, and explore the city.

Hostels are dirty.

The people who think that a hostel is a frat house with a language barrier are the same people who have not been to a hostel and who have not experienced its numerous benefits. That’s why it will always remain a misconception.

Usually, you will find the best hostels have a more regular cleaning schedule than other accommodation. As a group accommodation in Melbourne, hostels have very regimented cleaning and maintenance to make sure that everything is kept nice and clean for the many coming and going guests.

To ensure a hostel meets all your hygienic requirements, you can always look for reviews and ratings regarding cleanliness and see in real-time just how clean they are.

Hostels are for cheap people.

Hostels are not homeless shelters. People stay in a hostel because they want to meet new friendly faces, not because they have no other options. They stay in hostels because of their love of travel and passion to experience the community atmosphere. They know they can get a full-service accommodation with the possibility of making lifetime friends and memories.

Hostels are not safe.

People who have never stayed in a hostel think that there is theft in shared accommodation. This poorly conceived concern is due to the fact that there are strangers anywhere and everywhere.

To ease this concern, hostels provide personalised lockers for you to store your valuables. They also install security and alarm systems and measures. If you are scared of the strangers in your room, just know that they are there for the same reason you are—to explore Melbourne, meet new people, and generally have a great time.

What It’s Really Like to Stay in Hostels

What does the term “hostel” bring to your mind? The answer depends on whether or not you’ve stayed in one. If you have, then you have made fond memories that hostels are supposed to help you build. You have found one that has been tucked away in that ideal part of the city. You have met amazing strangers that turned into friendships for life.

If you have not stayed in a hostel before, the image you create in your head about a hostel is probably off the mark. Now that you know that these are just misconceptions about what comes with the territory, you will surely want to book a stay today.

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Don’t let misconceptions about the nomads backpackers hostel fool you. This type of accommodation can be a dream come true for plenty of travellers and a welcome adventure for people looking for something a little different.

Once you give hostels a try, you would definitely want to keep coming back for more. If you want to benefit from the communal atmosphere and avoid the boredom of a stay at a traditional hotel, book a stay at Tramstop 14!

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